What Makes Vin IT Solutions Stand Out

One might say that a software developer is just as good as another. That’s not true. It takes determination, an eye for detail and a team that will work with you to deliver exactly what you need to make your business grow and be successful. Getting what you need and want out of a software developer means you must find one that will listen to you, truly listen. One that will take the time to understand your business and how they can help.

That’s what makes Vin IT Solutions stand out. We are very passionate about what we do. Our team is highly skilled and eager to work with you in order to deliver your project on time and on budget. Our staff and services are second to none in offering the highest quality in software development.

Vin IT Solutions know that when it comes to your needs, fitting our solutions to your preferences or established methodologies is a priority, and with our versatile and flexible approach we are well equipped to do so. Where we have a choice, we recommend an agile approach as this ensures the highest quality product is released. Based on a concept of shorter development cycles, each cycle ends with a fully tested release to our customer. After that, the release is reviewed and used to assign priorities for the next cycle of improvement.

We want our product to fit your business needs exactly, thus our development process consists of showing our releases to the users and having their feedback incorporated into subsequent cycles of development. Consequently, the final product suits your needs much better. Due to frequent testing throughout the project, our final products are of the highest quality.

Regular reviews tend to uncover new requirements and because of the continuous development phase, these needs can be incorporated then and there rather than once the final product has been released. Also,because we place priority on your most important needs first, this means that you don’t waste capital on building features that might not be needed as the final product comes into being.

As the main features are built, the latest release can go live as only a small amount of testing needs to be done due to the testing done in previous stages of development. This gives us greater budget control for you. As can be seen, agile perfectly complements the way we work. And working with our customers on board during the whole process, ensures that we build a successful solution that’s exactly what they’re looking for. We assign a dedicated project manager that takes on the whole project from requirement gathering to project closure.

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