Forex Edge Model System Software Review

At approximately 9:01 AM on the 21st January 2014, the Forex World will welcome in new software

that has been specially designed to help predict the Foreign Exchange Market with it's 95.82%

accuracy rating.

The software, known as the Forex Edge Model is the first of its kind. The new model has been

developed with artificially intelligence, helping it to make better trades on your behalf and maximising

profits. As the market is extremely fast moving, it would be impossible for anyone to sit at their

computer non-stop watching it's rise and fall. 

The software offers it's purchasers the ability to continuously monitor the market, and can be easily

installed onto any PC which will then enable it to make automatic trades without you having to worry.

In order to succeed in the Forex market, an individual must use a successful strategic method, and

even then, it can still be risky.  

The Forex Edge Model works by using 3 proven algorithms, as with all Forex Robots it uses past data

to predict the present trend which will help the software to decide on the best trades to make in the

current market. It is even able to apply trading parameters in order to increase profits whilst protecting

your investments. It also benefits from being fully functional even when operating in stealth mode,

being sure to pick up on any trend reversals and therefore execute a trade at the optimal time.    

It's producers are so confident about their new artificially intelligent software that they claim it's use

could see your profits quadruple. The company is selling their product, at what they consider to be, a

reasonable and competitive price given it's ability, to reinforce this they also offer a two-month money

back guarantee for those who aren't completely satisfied with the product. 

As the Forex Edge Model is yet to hit the market, little or no reviews can currently be obtained on the

new trading software. It's also valuable to know that the model only trades in the EUR/ USD currency

pair, so anyone who is looking to use it for any other currency pair will be disappointed. The company

has been rated with a slow customer service, however, they are extremely good at resolving any


The company also currently holds one of the lowest statistics for customers returning software,

indicating the success of their products. Once purchased, the transaction is quickly dealt with and you

will have unlimited access to their site in order to begin your trading.

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