Software QA Testing


Testing modern software is a daunting task due to the software’s complexity and size and in consequence can cause problems with quality assurance. The amount of time and resources required to thoroughly test a new application can lead to added pressure on the in-house development process which could lead to missed deadlines and the project being over-run, all of which could be avoided by allowing us to help.

By outsourcing this essential function, VinIT can provide you the required resources as a specialist third party organization thus enabling you to achieve a better end product within your planned timeframe.

We provide you with many benefits, some of which include:

Independent quality checks – Rigorous testing of the software is undertaken by software specialists who are not the original developers allowing for superior control of the quality of your software.

Faster project completion – Faster testing techniques allows us to quickly finish testing your application.

Cost-effectiveness – Since we do all the work, there is no requirement to employ specialized staff to do the work we do for you.

Complete Software and QA Testing Service

Years of in-depth experience of independent testing thanks to successfully developing complex software solutions give us the competitive advantage to give you the complete software and quality assurance service you require.

We cover all aspects of software testing including functional, black box and white box, regression, acceptance, usability, destructive and security, internationalisation and localisation of software.