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Money Express is our finest product been exclusively designed for money transfer business. This online Money Express solution for money transfer businesses made the money transfer easy and fast. Whether you are big scale or small scale in money service business we have the solution for you. The experience we gained in remittance industry in working with money service businesses throughtout United Kingdom and some parts of Europe together with highly skilled in house development team brought Money Express product into the market for effective and efficient money transfer. Money Express will connect everyone involved in a transaction. New technologies also helped us to implement lots of useful features into Money Express.

Client Management

·    Know Your Customer by uploading their identification

      and transaction supporting documents.

·    Link associated beneficiaries.

·   Unlimited beneficiary's identification and supporting

    document attachment.

·    Sanction Screening and risk assesment. 

·   Alerts over expired identification and supporting


1390506164 customers



1390506225 stack folders

AML Compliance

·   Screen customer details against OFAC and HM Treasury 

    data base.

·   Further capability configure third party screening data


·    Range of audit reports. 

·   Rule base transaction driven where transaction will 

    Automatically block when it can't meet the rule criteria.

·    Large transaction monitoring mechanism. 

Approved by Swedish Tax Agency 

·   The Money express approved by the Skatteverket to be 

     used in Sweden






Main Modules

Main Modules

Support multi company operation


Rule based transaction calculator 

Automated currency rate update

Service charge managment

Agent commision management 

Agent managment

Pay partner management

Email management

SMS gatways

KYC Managment

Customer ID attchement 

Supporting document management

AML Managment 

Sanction and PEP's Updates

Sophisticated report Module 

Agent, Partner and Bank account

Automated Backup management 

SssS availability

Rapid disaster recovery plan

User Manuals




Products Comparison


What's New


Version 08-02-2014

• Expand attached ID and print facility

Release 08-02-2014

Version 28-01-2014

• Link cutomer transaction to KYC window and print facility

• Additional Information to KYC module

Release 28-01-2014

Version 23-01-201

• Link additional customer information

Release 23-01-2014

Version 19-01-2014

• Minor bug fix

Release 19-01-2014

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