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For organizations that would like to expand their business to offer all forms of payment, our ‘Money Exchange Plus’ solution is the perfect fit. If you’re a growing currency exchange establishment and offer a wide range of services such as check cashing, bill payments, wholesale and money transfer to your clients, then our Money Exchanger Plus is ideal for you. What you get is a fully integrated accounting system, online branch connectivity and a facility to operate in a cloud based system. It will also suit your needs if you are a wholesaler of foreign currency as you will need to keep track of client receivables and payables, account positions, short and over positions, forward contracts, orders and customer bookings plus have the ability to reconcile bank accounts.

Client Management

·    Know Your Customer by uploading their identification 

      and transaction supporting documents.

·    Link associated beneficiaries.

·   Unlimited beneficiary's identification and supporting

    document attachment.

·    Sanction Screening and risk assesment. 

·   Alerts over expired identification and supporting


1390506164 customers
1390506225 stack folders

AML Compliance

·   Screen customer details against OFAC and HM Treasury 

    data base.

·   Further capability configure third party screening data


·    Range of audit reports. 

·   Rule base transaction driven where transaction will 

    Automatically block when it can't meet the rule criteria.

·    Large transaction monitoring mechanism. 

Approved by Swedish Tax Agency 

·   The MX plus approved by the Skatteverket to be 

     used in Sweden





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How to add a new branch how to add a new customer How to add cash in to till
New deal  new deal1  Split payment method
 UCreate customer accounts  user role  split payment method 2




User Manuals

Please Contact VinIT Solutions to Obtain a copy of the user manual



MX+ Features

Common features of Money Exchanger Plus :

  • All the features of Money Exchanger Edition
  • Online branch connectivity
  • Multi-Currency Double-Entry Accounting (GL, Sub-Ledger, journal ledger)
  • Cloud based technology
  • Any base currency support
  • Multi-Language support
  • Touch screen
  • e-Customer
  • e-Remittance
  • Full-featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with KYC record-keeping
  • Automatic or manual update of currency rates including Gold, Platinum and Silver Bullion
  • View calculated rates in real time including: avg. buy rates, holding cost, cost of purchase, break-even rates, short and long positions, coverage rates, cost of goods sold, exposure, and historical rates
  • Record keeping for live forex trades, rate bookings, futures, wires and deliveries
  • P&L report per currency (both realized and unrealized gains)
  • Record multiple payments in one invoice (Cash, TT wire, eWire, Accounts...)
  • Reconcile your Bank, Cheque and Cash accounts
  • Record and manage Forex forward contracts, futures, orders, and deliveries
  • Rule-based Fee Structure definition
  • Cheque Cashing & Computer Cheque Printing
  • Multi-Currency Treasury Management
  • Rule-based AML policy declaration module
  • Live check of customer names against international sanction AML Audit query editor
  • Adjustable warning threshold for monitoring
  • Integrated Money Remittance System and Remote Payment Orders
  • Card machine integartion
  • Direct scan document facility
  • Swedish tax authority  Clean Cash approved
  • Shift working pattern
  • UK, US (OFAC), UN, EU and Australian Sanction check

What's New

What's New

Version 15-05-2017

• Extra new reports

• Validation for supporting documents upload

• Record suspected customer report

Version 24-04-2017

• Bug fixes

Version 31-03-2017

• Card terminal final bug fixes

• BUY/SELL by default in Exchange window


Version 08-03-2017

• UN and EU sanction integration

• Add multiple supporting document in all windows

• Signature Receipt Template for card

Version 01-02-2017

• Sanction download history and checked stamp for customers

• Sign pad integration for card payment

• Add multiple supporting document


Version 01-02-2017

• Sanction download history and checked stamp for customers

• Sign pad integration for card payment


Version 18-01-2017

• Company Logo added to DB

• Shift Close facility


Version 11-01-2017

• Implement threshold limits for Exchange

• Separate window for stock display

• Income & expense report branch and till wise filters


Version 28-12-2016

• Australian sanction check

• Customer Filter in all Remittance Reports

Version 19-12-2016

• Report bug fixes

• Reverse calculate Rate after Amount Round off


Version 16-11-2016

• Undo close till function

• Stock report without Base currency

Version 16-11-2016

• New filters for remittance transaction report

• Administrator (Admin) for admin purpose only


Version 15-11-2016

• Norwegian reporting issue fixed


Version 04-11-2016

• Bug fixes

Version 28-09-2016

• Scanner integration 

• Subcription expiry date visisble to clients


Version 07-09-2016

• Wire transaction refund fixes

• Inter branch transaction receipt

• New templates for clients

Version 24-08-2016

• User level transaction listing

• Reports bug fixes


Version 03-08-2016

• Link training video

• Refund Invoice keep original invoice number

Version 25-07-2016

• Bug fixes

• Refund transactions with commission

• Clean Cash POS Template


Version 07-07-2016

• New End of day report

• Application run without admin privilege

• Break down of currency turnover report


Version 07-07-2016

• Popup Customer private note

• Send receipt via email facility

Version 23-06-2016

• System Notification Popup (Inter Branch Transaction message)

• Agent listing in remittance window according to settling currency

Version 15-06-2016

• Bug fixes

Version 10-06-2016

• Additional reports

• New customer types included (Diplomat, Business..)


Version 01-06-2016

• Agent Registration validation

• Activate Currency create necessary accounts


Version 25-05-2016

• Stock Validation in remittance

• Oneoff and Link transaction threshold limits for remittance


Version 18-05-2016

• Solar Hijri Shamsi calendar for customer profile

• Automatic rate upload from UI 


Version 11-05-2016

• Data Input validation for User role,User, Branch and Till creation

• Auto Account Creation for currecies , customer..

Version 04-05-2016

• Holiday Date setting in Calendar

• Branch & Till Code drop down in user creation

• All & Unselect All option in User Role creation

Version 21-04-2016

• Refund using card machine

Version 24-03-2016

• EOD Summary report

• Sanction download issue fixed

• Subscription warning 


Version 04-03-2016

• Centralized Key Management

• Password encryption


Version 02-02-2016

• Refund function for exchange transactions

• Dynamic EOD reports


Version 02-02-2016

• IN/OUT transaction window bug fixes

Version 16-01-2016

• New Cash IN/OUT transaction window


Version 24-12-2015

• Norwegian and Swedish Large Print and Print preview add inverse rate

• Bug fixes


Version 13-12-2015

• Scandinavian Countries added in System settings


Version 17-11-2015

• Norwegian Request Upload facility

• Update middle ,buy ,sell rates by excel file


Version 13-11-2015

• Close till option

• Reports performance increased


Version 02-11-2015

• Centralized swedish clean cash integration

• Compulsory customer fields added in System setting


Version 02-11-2015

• Operational day automation

• Norwegian Reporting Service


Version 30-10-2015

• Card machine integration

• Norwegian Transaction reporting integration

• Norwegian and Swedish translated receipt templates


Version 27-10-2015

• Norwegian Currency Exchange Report


Version 22-10-2015

• Norwegian sanction integration

Version 15-10-2015

• Auto Sanction Check when registering customer

• Report Loading Slow Issue Fixed

• New receipt templates for clients


Version 07-10-2015

• Purpose of transaction added to all transaction window

• Bug fixes


Version 18-09-2015

• Print preview option

• Rate Override Authorized user and reason added to reports

• Enable stock Validation


Version 08-09-2015

• Centralized Update System with version info

• PDF File can Upload in IDs and supporting document

• Rate override authorized user and reason recorded

• Track Denomination Mandatory option

Version 14-08-2015

• Inter Branch Buy & Sell Facility

• CSV file rate upload issue fixed


Version 14-07-2015

• Different back ground colour for Buy/Sell

• Wholesaler Buy and Sell Rate import from Wholesaler's site


Version 06-06-2015

• Denomination adjustment module

• Review large transactions

• After delete transaction auto adjust denomination

• Import Buy/ Sell Rates from CSV file


Version 11-05-2015

• Add denominations in Inter till and inter branch transactions

• New filter BUY/SELL only in deal report

• Private and print notes report added to customer profile

• More Branch configurations setting are added

Version 17-04-2015

• Report display errors fixed

• Sanction status and customer code in deal reports

• Branch details added to Remittance list

Version 24-03-2015

• Company Logo on Exchange Transaction Invoice Large Receipt

• Include Purpose for Money Transfer in Remittance Window

• Add more information on 'Customer Transaction' report

Version 12-02-2015

• Additional features to end of day report

• Additional features to currency turn over report

• Inter till and inter transfer details added to currency activity report

• Branch wise remittance list integrated

Release 11-10-2014

Version 11-10-2014

Trace Smart Intergration

Trace Smart(LexisNexis) is the leading consumer data solutions provider in UK. Providing following services to both commercial and government agencies.

• People tracing and identity verification solutions

• Anti money laundering and compliance due diligence


MX plus has integrated with following services

• ID verification - verify costomer identification(Passport & Drivinf license)

• Sanction and AML check - Screen customer information in OFAC, HMT, EU sanction and PEP list

• Know Your Customer - check customer DOB and Address

• County Court Judgments

Please call VinIT solutions for more detail

Release 26-10-2014

Version 12-08-2014

• Full screen ID image, supporting documents and zoom facility

• Modifications to "Remittanc Invoice"

• Modification added to EOD report

• Additional customer filtering criterias

Release 12-08-2014

Version 30-07-2014

Currency denomination tracker released

• Facility to track user preferable currency only (Ex:-Highly trading currency such as EUR, USD and GBP)

• Currency denomination stock management

• Facility track GBP notes by its varieties (Ex:- English, Scotish and Irish separately)

• Additional report to extract customer transaction by currency denominations (Ex:- currency note type or Bill amount)

Release 30-07-2014

Version 20-07-2014

• Automatic screen lock mechanism released

• Issue fixed: Add commision and Rate fileds to Currency Activity Report

• Minor bug fixed

Release 20-07-2014

Version 11-07-2014

• Auto apply sanction default decision without popping up sanction check window if asked to remember

• Select customer by Alt Code in Deal/Remittance windows

• Minor bug fixed

• Transaction window tab order changed

• MInvoice line denominations

• Minor Print button for A4 size invoice printouts(ShortCut Key (ctrl+I)

• P&L report for date-range

Release 12-06-2014

Version 12-06-2014

• Introduced Mass sanction check

• Total transactions value for individual customers for given period, 30 days / 60 days / 90 days

• Daily PNL report ( Profit & Expenses )

• Auto rectification of errors

• Auto search customers against sanction list in exchange window

Release 12-06-2014

Version 10-05-2014

• Branch specific rates

• Adjust from commission in addition to rate and amount

• Simplify wire settlement reconciliation

• Facility to search customers against US ( OFAC ) sanction list

Release 10-05-2014

Version 28-04-2014

• Reminder to perform branch EOD in a given time

• Enable to attach supporting document to older invoices

Release 28-04-2014

Version 20-04-2014

• Final release of Arabisation

Release 20-04-2014

Version 11-04-2014

• shortcut keys implemented for accelerate the operation

• Inline reverse calculation in Exchange window

• Currency Activity report bug fixed

Release 11-04-2014

Version 05-04-2014

• Remove fix rate from the net dialogue box

• Customer sell/remittance summary for this financial year

Release 05-04-2014

Version 14-03-2014

• Security measure: Able to set rate override percentage

Release 14-03-2014

Version 03-03-2014

• Simple Exchange window will support all types settlement methods[cash/card/cheque/wire]

• Interface Fixed: Denomination window size and Invoice settlement line issue

Release 03-03-2014

Version 25-02-2014

• Will able to keep record of invoice deletion

• More details added in remittance reports

Release 25-02-2014

Version 15-02-2014

• Support any base currency

Release 15-02-2014

Version 06-02-2014

• Accounts creation made easy

• Simplified Accounts listing

• Till closure facility

• Remittance confirmation recorded

Release 06-02-2014

Version 24-01-2014

• Display all the past customer's transactions in the deal window

• Bug Fixed: Average deal rate report

Release 24-01-2014

Version 07-01-2014

• Able to Undo branch/system EOD

• Supports derived currencies

• Update derived currency rates online

• Print branch address in receipts Training link

Release 07-01-2014

Version 29-11-2013

• Bug Fixed:Only relevant agent's branches should be display in remittance window

• Bug Fixed:Supporting Documents Size Error

Release 29-11-2013

Version 29-10-2013

• Bug Fixed:Agents commission is not saving in database

• Bug Fixed:ID expiry popup messages not working

Release 29-10-2013

Version 26-09-2013

• Bugs Fixed:Can not print remittance receipt without agents branch

• Add technical support link under help

• Include database backup option in menu

• Extra specialized windows for Exchange and Remittance

• More information added in agents remittance list report

• Multi Language support for store beneficiary details

Release 26-09-2013

Version 08-08-2013

• Change the dates in the system in to dd/mm/yy in transaction window

• Allow the user to select parent account (Debtors or Creditors) when creating accounts for customers

• Option to enable Add/remove rate/amount (GBP) in the remitance report

Release 08-08-2013

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Money Exchanger Plus is the perfect fit for the following businesses:

  • Money Services Bureaus (MSB)
  • Currency Wholesalers
  • Money Remittance Agencies operating in different counties.
  • Cheque Cashing Companies
  • Money Lenders
  • Financial Institutions (banks, credit unions, holding companies, etc...)